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Hello, my name is Alexander (Alex) Tkach and I'm a graphic designer. I was born in Smolensk, Russia, and received my education over there and in Bobruysk (Belorussia). Later on, I started learning at Design College in Kharkov (Ukraine) where I moved in 1971. Then I graduated from Kharkov State Academy of Civil Engineering awarded M.Sc. in Architecture and worked quite a number of years as an Architect and Interior Design.

After repatriating to Israel, where I have been living till now, I was officially recognized for my professional qualifications as an Architect, and also got a license allowing me to open an architectural shop. But several years ago I came to a conclusion that a person with the Ukrainian education and Kharkov experience would hardly fit into the local oriental-minded architectural community. At this point, I decided to change specialization and got down to technical illustrations, printing products design activity and web sites design. I have been working with different companies since. I produced an essential quantity of pages, books, leaflets, etc., etc., which is in fact what I am presenting to you.

Should you be patient enough to go all the way through this website, look it up, and check up some of the materials offered, would you please do a favor to send me back a message with your comments? I highly appreciate your time and opinion!


Tkach Alexander

525/2 Emek Izreal St.
22225 Nahariya, Israel
Phone: (+972)-4-9823889
Cellular: (+972)-0-6560859
Local Calls: 0506-560859



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